Our Partners

Impact Dashboard is a collaboration between PH Solutions, an expert in the media landscape, and SEED Ventures, an expert in the sustainability market. As such, we are your one-stop solution impact-narrative specialists with the tools necessary to amplify your projects by skillfully weaving the fabric of your impact-narrative media strategy. 

SEED (Social, Entrepreneurship, and Equity Development) Ventures was established in 2009.  They are social impact ecosystem developers and impact investors. A decade down the road, SEED is an institution that has engaged more than 100,000 beneficiaries by building awareness, capacity development, and knowledge-building on sustainability, impact, and social entrepreneurship.

By developing and nurturing the ecosystem, SEED Ventures envisions creating a world where, irrespective of age, gender and background, people are economically prosperous.​

PH Solutions, an expert in the media landscape, is a PR Agency that delivers impactful storytelling and media coverage to all of its clients. The Agency specializes in influencer management, brand management, and public relations. The solutions that this agency offers include influencer representation, celebrity management, image building, and network development. 

PH Solutions strives to authentically align its clients’ projects and brands with relevant causes to enhance engagement and advance meaningful social change. They strive to build an image of their clients that can serve as a beacon of sustainability and trust among the public.