Vision, Mission, & Brand Identity

“The Trash Cloud” was designed by Munawwar Ali Syed for Mission Cleaner Pakistan


To narrate the impact of sustainable positive change through storytelling that implements the global SDGs, to engage communities, the public & private sector, governments, and policymakers to contribute to resolving environmental, social, and economic issues.


Impact Dashboard is launching a new market within the media and advocacy landscape which provides the unique specialization of impact-driven storytelling. We aim to weave the fabric of impact narrative to create transformative change in society.

Our Impact framework addresses narratives at the individual, institutional, community, and systemic levels of society.

“The Plastic Tide” was designed by Madiha for Mission Cleaner Pakistan

Impact Dashboard's Brand Identity

The company colours of Impact Dashboard are orange, black, and white. Orange is a dynamic, energetic colour that evokes creativity and determination. Similarly, the colour black is understood as being related to professionalism and seriousness.  White represents sophistication and efficiency. Together, these three colours shape Impact Dashboard as a creative, professional, and efficient company with the tools and knowledge necessary to build meaningful impact-driven narratives.