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Anwar Maqsood, Designer of the ID logo
Breaking Down the
Impact Dashboard Logo

The Impact Dashboard (ID) logo reflects our company’s mission to contribute to the resolution of societal issues by re-humanizing impact-driven stories and their narration. The human face in the logo design works to humanize our company as well as concretize that it has identifiable traits, including the qualities of purpose, intention, and motivation. 

The eye of the logo can be interpreted as having a double meaning, offering both insight and symbolizing the letter “I” of ID. Then, according to this interpretation, the nose may be understood as being the letter “D” of ID. On the other hand, the eye of the logo may be understood as being a mere feature of the human face/logo and the nose can be recognized as containing both the upper case “I” and lower case “d” of ID. 

Ultimately, the Impact Dashboard logo has a story behind it and it ignites creativity while encapsulating the dynamic qualities of the company. There is no singular or objective way to interpret its meaning or intention, and this highlights ID’s acknowledgement of different viewpoints and the containment of diverse perspectives. 

The ethos of our logo designer, Anwar Maqsood, aligns with the values of ID. Through creative scriptwriting, comedy, and hosting television shows, Mr. Maqsood has engaged the masses in bringing attention to issues within the social and political landscape of Pakistan. His creative storytelling and narrative-building align with ID’s mission to bring attention to societal issues, amplify the stories of those working to solve them, and ultimately coordinate the masses to bring about change to make our world a better place.

Our Expertise


Our strategies are built to engage your target audience and amplify your social and/or environmental advocacy project. The result?  We make news. From positive awareness to reputation building, to increased brand loyalty, sales, and business success, we do it all.

Message Development

We utilize our narrative-building expertise to define your value proposition and enhance your public image related to your social and/or environmental advocacy project. This includes PR writing services, consultations, and strategic media pitches.


ID is a collaboration between PH Solutions, an expert in the media landscape, and SEED Ventures, an expert in the sustainability market related to social and environmental advocacy. As such, we are your one-stop solution that can provide you with the tools necessary to amplify your projects by skillfully controlling and executing your message on a strategic earned media strategy.

Campaign Development

Impact Dashboard will launch your social and/or environmental advocacy projects to the public with a detailed campaign. From creating films to revamping your social media platforms, to hosting an in-person launch, we do it all.

Community Relations

ID will work specifically on your impact narrative development. This means that if your organization already has a PR company working on other elements of your organization, that is no problem. Given that the markets are turning their attention to companies that demonstrate a commitment to social impact, environmental sustainability, and responsible governance, we will capture these opportunities.

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